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About Me

My name is Sebastian Sanchez, I am a Web Developer with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I began this freelancing business as a side business to help pay off my tuition and gain some experience in the field I am interested in, web designing/developing. Now that I graduated from the University of Houston - Downtown, I am just following my passion continuing as a web developer freelancer. I have been interested in creating websites for over 10 years. I started creating websites when I was in middle school, not official websites with .com domains but they were websites for online gaming communities. I figured since I have created websites since middle school and still love creating them, I could put my skills to use and help out local businesses and organizations. Check out my work and thank you for checking out my site.

Logo Version 2-2-01.png

Contact Me

Houston, TX  |  Tel: 713-204-2839

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